Investing in Neighborhoods

My position on investing in our neighborhoods:

Over the past 6 years, the transformation in Town has been noticed by everyone in Broward County and our visitors from around the world. The commission has invested over $10million on rejuvenating the Commercial Boulevard business district and the results are fantastic. The area has become more welcoming and walkable. Businesses are investing into our Town because of the improvements, which was the goal of the strategic plan.

I have spoken many times about the need to take care of the neighborhoods and residents as well. Our capital improvement plan should now focus on the neighborhoods and residential areas to bring the same form of progress to the residents.

Residents are also investing in our Town by buying properties, renovating or building their homes. Our residents also include many families with children of all ages bringing to the forefront this need for improvement.

The commission should invest more capital into beautification through encompassing plans that include traffic calming, paving and street lighting. The projects are not cost prohibitive and can be undertaken with our current budget and savings. These investments pay for themselves by increasing the values of the residential properties. Many streets have not been paved in 30 years and the commission recently approved a mere ~$200,000+ to repave streets.

I will always put the residents first when I vote to spend our taxpayer dollars. My first budget recommendations will include proposals that reflect this focus on our neighborhoods.