From our family to yours, we want to thank all of the Lauderdale By The Sea residents for the past 8 weeks. Since filing to run for commissioner, I have had the pleasure of meeting so many of my neighbors, hearing about their concerns and joys of living in Lauderdale By The Sea.
The campaign was based on the issues and making sure that we keep the quality of life that brought us all to LBTS. The low taxes that we enjoy thanks to a governing body that ensures we always save money. While some lobbyists have tried to turn this campaign negative and attack our quality of life, we remained committed to keeping the discussion on the issues.
Here is where I stand on those issues:
1. I will make sure that our Town enforces the vacation rental policies, keeping our neighbhorhoods safe and calm
2. I will vote against buying an apartment building for $3million for a parking garage
3. I am not for spending taxpayer dollars to improve the private property at the Palm Club
4. I will ask that residents get to vote on the Town Hall/Public Safety complex redevelopment
As your commissioner, I pledge to:
– Protect and improve our neighborhoods
– Be open and transparent
– Conserve taxpayer dollars
– Vote against wasteful spending
Come join us at the Jarvis Hall and Assumption Church polling stations and hold a sign for a few minutes. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out.
Thank you!



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