My position on fixing the hotels on El Mar Drive:

The hotels and motels on El Mar Drive are a very important issue for me. In 1994, my family bought A Little Inn By The Sea on El Mar and operated it for over a decade. The hotels are the reason I ended up in Lauderdale By The Sea and now raise my children here.

Unfortunately due to the mismanagement of some investors, the properties fell into disrepair and now sit empty behind fencing at times. The Town and its businesses have lost over 200 hotel rooms that could be hosting visitors.

As is the case when you work with developers, the Town must stand tough on the issues and has done so in recent times. Levying daily fines and not giving in on zoning items. The former Clarion property is now showing some work being done but the former Holiday Inn/Villa Caprice remains untouched.

As a former member of the Chamber Board and with a deep understanding of the El Mar hotel industry, I will ask my fellow Commissioners to make me the liaison on this topic. I want to work with the Town to speed up the process with the developers. With my private sector experience in construction, I know how to create the sense of urgency that is needed to fix this problem.

Our residents, especially those close to the properties, are asking for help and I hear you loud and clear. As your commissioner, I will make this a priority for our residents.

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