Please read and tell your neighbors! It has come to my attention that I am being attacked by vacation rental lobbyists. My goal is to represent the residents first and protect our neighborhoods.

As a candidate for public office, I expected to have some residents disagree with me. Disagreements are a part of a campaign, even for a small Town like ours. The key is to have an open conversation with everyone and make sure people understand where I am coming from.

What I did not expect is to be attacked by lobbyists for stating my position on protecting our neighborhoods. The Greater Fort Lauderdale Board of Realtors has been fundraising for their lobbyists and seeking donations for my opponent to help their cause. They are attacking me personally for stating my opinion and that of many residents in Town.

I posted that vacation rentals should follow the same rules as our hotels and that our Town should enforce the rules that are already in our ordinances.

From the start, I have been stating what I stand for and what ideas I had for our Town. I tried to be as accessible and transparent on this by posting on social media and my website. During the candidate forums, I also stated very clearly what I stood for on many issues and the reception has been very good.

No member of the Commission since 2010 has sought the endorsement of the Board of Realtors and I agree with that approach. I don’t have a problem with anyone that makes a living as a Realtor, I was simply avoiding the appearance of conflict of interests. I have family members that work as Realtors and I have used Realtors on many transactions.

The Residents in LBTS deserve better than lobbyists and professional campaign managers running our Town. Don’t let anyone hide their true intent on the topic of vacation rentals. Rules should be enforced and the same for everyone.

I will always represent the residents and our quality of life first!

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